Not available at this Spring Term 2018

Who left the lights on? And why don’t they clear up after themselves?

That’s what BIN RAIDER wants to know. And that’s why he’s coming to a school near you this Spring Term 2017.He’s clean and he’s green and he thinks he knows who’s responsible – all of us.

So use his visit as a self-help tool – learn to save energy, see the benefits of walking and cycling and brush up on your three ‘Rs’ – reduce, re-use, recycle. It’s simple when you know how….book now and change the world!

BIN RAIDER is based on the 8 doorways of the National Framework for Sustainable Schools and can be booked at either of two levels:

Key Stage 1/P1-3: we look at rubbish and what to do with it and introduce the idea: ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. We encourage children to walk or cycle rather than using the car and look at energy and water saving. (Running time Approx 60 mins.)

Key Stage 2/P4-7: we cover the above in more detail and in addition we add a global dimension: we demonstrate how the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ works and discuss the causes and effects of climate change. Running time Approx 65 mins.

OUR REQUIREMENTS: A space approximately 15ft x 15ft at one end of a school hall (raised or on the flat is fine) and access to a plug socket. Actors will introduce themselves to office staff on arrival and need their small van as close as possible to the performance area for loading and unloading.

SET-UP TIME: 45 minutes
DURATION: 60 – 65 minutes
PACK-UP TIME: 30 minutes

PRICES Please call or email us with your requirements as we often have special offers depending on where in the UK you’re based and when you want your show.

We invoice by post or email after the event and all our fees are fully inclusive apart from VAT.

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