If you’re interested in our outdoor theatre you can see where the shows are playing and book tickets:
The Reluctant Dragon
A Midsummer Night’s DreamĀ 

For schools, once you’ve decided which play you’d like, please phone or email us to arrange a suitable day.

Which Version? The audience limit per sitting is 300 but it’s completely up to you who attends and which version you opt for; in other words, we don’t insist that you have three shows because you have three key stage groups (KS1, KS2 Lower & KS2 Upper) so you might have a KS1 version for infants (obviously) and then one Upper KS2 version for all the junior pupils. Similarly, you might opt for all pupils aged 4 – 11 to watch one show (up to 300) and again, it’s up to you which version you have although in this instance we’d recommend a KS2 version.

Space Required About 15ft x 15ft at one end of a school hall or on a stage if that’s better for you space-wise. It’s important that the pupils are arranged in front of the stage area as we use back projection and actors do their changes behind the set. Our shows don’t work ‘in the round’.

Setting Up The actors arrive about 45 minutes before the start-time and will need to get their van as close as possible to the performance area for unloading but can park wherever you like once this is done.

Packing Up About 30 minutes.

Invoicing We invoice by post (sometimes email) after the event and request payment within 14 days although where schools process invoices through county we realise this can take longer.