By day Mason was an ordinary school boy, but by night through his computer game, the right hand man of 'Ecomon', an intergalactic Eco-Warrior from the planet Catalytica. When his school decides to have a special Walking to School Day these two worlds collide as his journey becomes a real life computer game.

With the help of the audience and his computer game hero he has to overcome a series of scientific and environmental conundrums as he battles to get to the school gates on time.

See how your school fares in this chase against time. Join Mason and Ecomon as they spread the word about health, the environment and walking to school and become one of the Catalytic Converters.


Originally developed to tie in with Travelwise, What if it Rains? deals with walking to school from a scientific angle, looking at the health and environmental benefits gained from cutting car journeys. There's one generic primary version of this show which is suitable for a mixed Key Stage 1 & 2 audience:









Points Covered
We look at good road sense and the positive aspects of walking to school are explored and we see the activity as a good way of exercising the body as well as being fun.
We discuss how exercise improves our fitness and general well being, the respiratory system is explained and we explore the environmental impact of cars at a local and global level, looking at air quality and global warming.

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Running Time: Approximately fifty-five minutes for Keystage 1 and one hour for Keystage 2. In addition the actors will take questions at the end of the show.

A CD of the show's songs is now available. Please contact us for details.

Requirements: We will need an area 15' x 15' and 8' in height. And one 13amp plug socket. We need forty-five minutes before and thirty minutes after each show to set-up and dismantle the scenery and equipment.