It was just an ordinary day at the Missing Materials Bureau. Detective T Copper was just closing up shop when a call came through to him…”Some of our materials have gone missing”. Who could have perpetrated this evil crime? What’s so special about the properties of those materials? And why are there puddles on the carpet?

Based on Attainment Target 3 of the National Curriculum for Science, The Big Drip is a quickfire, fast-talking musical comedy. Philip Marlowe meets Guys and Dolls in this light-hearted Film Noir pastiche

In the Key Stage 1/P1-3 version the children are shown that there are many different materials and that you can tell them apart by their properties. They see that there is a link between their properties and their uses They discover that by mixing materials you can create a new material and that water can be in the form of a solid, a liquid or a gas.

In the Key Stage 2/P4-7 version we build on this, and demonstrate the density of particles in a solid, a liquid and a gas. The children are introduced to the idea of a mixture and a compound with reference to the baking of a cake, and the separation of a mixture is demonstrated using dissolution and filtration. Universal Indicator is used to test the pH value of a liquid and the idea of acidity and alkalinity is introduced.

This one is nearly fully booked now but if you’re interested do let us know as we may well have space remaining in your area.

OUR REQUIREMENTS: A space approximately 15ft x 15ft at one end of a school hall (raised or on the flat is fine) and access to a plug socket. Actors will introduce themselves to office staff on arrival and need their small van as close as possible to the performance area for loading and unloading.

SET-UP TIME: 45 minutes
DURATION: 60 minutes
PACK-UP TIME: 30 minutes

PRICES Please call or email us with your requirements as we often have special offers depending on where in the UK you’re based and when you want your show.

We invoice by post or email after the event and all our fees are fully inclusive apart from VAT.

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