Since its first run in 2012 our production of The Snow Queen has become our most popular and requested seasonal show so we’re delighted to be bringing back it back this Autumn 2018. Quantum Theatre present their unique take on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale in a one hour 20 minute production, which includes an interval with length of your choice. A team of three actors will entertain you with an adapted version of the story in a family production aimed at all ages. Available in schools and venues from mid-November 2018 until mid-January. Running time 1:20 approx.

For availability just email us with your location and an ideal day or two and we can let you know.

Feedback was amazing..Staff and children were in awe – Hatton Park Primary School, Cambs

…thank you for our wonderful Christmas performance…It was truly magical to have our hall transformed into a “theatre” for the morning. – Peatmoor Community Primary School, Swindon.

The performance was fantastic! The stage looked so beautiful when the children came in and they were all excited! We couldn’t fit the whole school in to see it so the little ones went back to class 🙁 The actors were brilliant – please pass on our thanks to them! – Old Ladys Bishop Eton School, Liverpool.

I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely delightful performance of ‘The Snow Queen’ at Pield Heath School yesterday! The students (and the staff) loved every minute of it, and are still talking about it today. Thank you so much for the tremendous amount of effort you put in and for providing us with such a special afternoon. – Pield Heath School, Uxbridge.

May I take the opportunity to thank you for an afternoon which staff, pupils and visitors all thoroughly enjoyed. Both the older pupils and staff were fascinated by the skill with which three actors played all the parts. – Hawksworth Primary School, Leeds.

Just to say a huge thank you. Today’s performance was absolutely amazing and all the children, teachers and helpers thoroughly enjoyed it.- Tackley Primary School, Kidlington.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and the actors for the performance this morning, it was fantastic. We did include all the children, even the nursery and they were all mesmerised! – St Joseph’s Primary School, Handsworth, Sheffield.

The show was great, acting and singing, set and prop changes seemless. The children loved it, much better than going to the pantomime in Hastings as in previous years.- Vinehall School, Robertsbridge, Kent.

I would like to say thank you so much for coming to Springfield. The children and adults completely enjoyed the performance and are talking about it non-stop.- Springfield Lower School, Bedford.

A young boy, Kay and his friend, Gerda are devoted to each other. Kay’s Grandmother tells them both about the Snow Queen, and a mirror that won’t refect the good and beautiful in people, but magnifies all the bad and ugly aspects.

One summer’s day a splinter from the mirror lodges in Kay’s heart and his personality changes – he becomes cruel and aggressive – and later that year, when winter comes, the Snow Queen appears and whisks Kay away to her palace in the North Pole.

No one knows what’s happened to Kay but Gerda who is heartbroken at Kay’s disappearance, decides to look for him.

She sets out on a long and dangerous journey but eventually reaches the Snow Queen’s palace. Kay seems unrescuable, but Gerda’s tears melt the splinter in his heart and the spell is broken. They travel home and find that it hasn’t changed, but they have – they’ve grown up and it’s summer time once again.

OUR REQUIREMENTS: A space approximately 20ft x 20ft at one end of a school hall (raised or on the flat is fine) and access to a plug socket. Actors will introduce themselves to office staff on arrival and need their small van as close as possible to the performance area for loading and unloading.

SET-UP TIME: 50 minutes
DURATION: 70 – 80 minutes
PACK-UP TIME: 40 minutes

PRICES Please call or email us with your requirements as we often have special offers depending on where in the UK you’re based and when you want your show.

We invoice by post or email after the event and all our fees are fully inclusive apart from VAT.