Hannah’s at Seale Hayne
Sunday 10th December
Howton Lane
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6NQ

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A young boy, Kay and his friend, Gerda are devoted to each other. Kay’s Grandmother tells them both about the Snow Queen, and a mirror that won’t refect the good and beautiful in people, but magnifies all the bad and ugly aspects.

One summer’s day a splinter from the mirror lodges in Kay’s heart and his personality changes – he becomes cruel and aggressive – and later that year, when winter comes, the Snow Queen appears and whisks Kay away to her palace in the North Pole.

No one knows what’s happened to Kay but Gerda who is heartbroken at Kay’s disappearance, decides to look for him.

She sets out on a long and dangerous journey but eventually reaches the Snow Queen’s palace. Kay seems unrescuable, but Gerda’s tears melt the splinter in his heart and the spell is broken. They travel home and find that it hasn’t changed, but they have – they’ve grown up and it’s summer time once again.