The Adventure of the Missing Number

Why, oh why are Create the World Lego cards proving so hard to find? Why are they disappearing from the shops?  Our legendary sleuth and his assistant cannot understand it.  But when a strange new website appears, selling the top collectables at extortionate prices, our heroes begin to wonder if something more sinister might be behind it… Could it be their arch nemesis himself, the brilliant but dastardly Fibonacci?

Based on the New maths curriculum The Adventure of the Missing Number explores  ‘place value’, ‘number’ and  ‘calculation’ and can be booked at three different levels:

For KS1 we look at number patterns, the four functions and how to solve problems using mental methods, number bonds, using a number line, place value and ordering numbers.

For Lower KS2 we look at place value, ordering 3 and 4 digit numbers, written methods for the four functions, estimating answers, using inverse operations and problem solving.

For Upper KS2 we manipulate larger numbers, look at rounding, introduce prime numbers, factors, square and cubed numbers, choosing the appropriate methods to solve problems.

More information on the versions’ content here

NEW for the Autumn – a Western Style Maths show

REQUIREMENTS: A space approximately 15ft x 15ft at one end of a school hall (raised or on the flat is fine) and access to a plug socket. Actors will introduce themselves to office staff on arrival and need their small van as close as possible to the performance area for loading and unloading.

SET-UP TIME: 45 minutes
DURATION: 60 – 65 minutes
PACK-UP TIME: 40 minutes
AUDIENCE LIMIT (schools): 300

SCHOOL PRICES Please call or email us with your requirements as we often have special offers depending on where in the UK you’re based and when you want your show.

We invoice by post or email after the event and all our fees are fully inclusive apart from VAT.