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Quantum Theatre
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SE18 1ET
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Summer 2014

On the Trail of the Countback Kid is a western- style musical on numeracy with audience participation and number-line dancing! It works well as an introduction to or a reinforcement of Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 work on problem solving.

It's available in the South, the Midlands and the North this Spring and Summer Terms.

The First World War Your Country Needs You uses original sources and material from the time and interweaves songs, poetry and prose to examine the effects of war on those directly involved. Moving, informative and sometimes even comic, Your Country Needs You delivers a wartime experience that gets to the heart of the day to day lives of those involved. There are separate primary and Key Stage 3 versions.

Invasion of the Summer Puddings is our other show on health and nutrition and celebrates Dr Who's 50th anniversary. Join our Health conscious Dinner-Time Lord as he and his new assistant Lainey Puddle, battle with this sugary adversary and in the process change the minds of the people of Earth and get them moving again. But can he finally make us realise that our only real enemy is ourselves…? Available throughout the Spring and Summer Terms.

Bond is Back - or rather Special Agent Max Thrust. From 4th February our classic Forces & Mechanics show is on the road. In KS1 we look at forces as pushes, pulls, twists and turns and for KS2 we add gravity, friction and magnetism. Click the pic to find out more about Octopushy!

Personal Best is our show on health and nutrition for Key Stages 1 & 2. It ties in with the 'Change 4 Life' campaign and is available in the South, Midlands and North this Summer Term. There's also a Key Stage 3 version. Do give us a call or click picture if you'd like to know more


PSHE for KEY STAGE 3- Reintroduce yourself to a school dinner and make your lunchbox healthier. See the value of exercise and find out how it affects the respiratory system. Learn how a healthy life-style affects your pulse rate and cut down on your sugar, salt and fat intake. Touring the South, Midlands and The North this Summer Term

This Summer Term 2014 we have wide range of shows covering science, PSHE, literacy and numeracy

Availability for all our plays varies according to where in the country you're based so please click on the cogwheels to find out which one's best for you and where it's touring.