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Especially for Christmas

The Christmas Truce is A World War One play from Quantum Theatre on the extraordinary events leading up to the Christmas Truce of 1914. Using original sources and material from the time, the play interweaves songs, sketches, poetry and prose to commemorate this very special event. Moving, informative and sometimes humorous, The Christmas Truce is available around the country throughout December.

The Snow Queen runs from 24th November in the North and South. Quantum Theatre's delightful adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's magical tale conjures up a captivating mix of fantasy, fable and love triumphing over evil in this ever popular Christmas favourite. It's available in schools of course, but also in venues.

Also touring this Autumn

The Calculating Mister One is back for another schools tour. A 'whodunnit' musical on numeracy, this show covers number patterns, mental calculations and deduction and includes plenty of audience participation It works well as an introduction to or a reinforcement of Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 work on problem solving. It's available mainly in the South with separate tour weeks in the Midlands and the North. Touring Scotland WB27th October

The Return of Captain Grammaticus is our latest show on grammar, spelling and punctuation for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. Help Captain Grammaticus in his fight against missing punctuation, sloppy grammar and poor spelling. Help him as he tackles a series of literary-based clues left by his arch nemesis The Scribbler. It's one hour long and is available throughout the Autumn Term .

Both the above shows can be be booked as a Christmas version at no extra cost - see here

Your Country Needs You on The First World War. This play uses original sources and material from the time and interweaves songs, poetry and prose to examine the effects of war on those directly involved. Moving, informative and sometimes even comic, Your Country Needs You delivers a wartime experience that gets to the heart of the day to day lives of those involved. There are separate primary and Key Stage 3 versions. Touring Scotland WB27th October.

NEW FOR SPRING 2015- A show on Money Management called Smart Money. It will cover all aspects of the PFEG curriculum in Quantum's lively, fast-paced and interactive style. We'll look at how to manage money, become a critical consumer, manage risks and emotions associated with money as well as learn the important role money plays in our lives. For the secondary schools financial capabaility topic we'll be looking at taking personal responsibility for money, evaluating products before making decisions, risk-assessment, budgeting , saving, how interest works, foreign currency conversion, ideas of profit and loss in business etc. . We'll have more details soon.