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Quantum Theatre
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The Big Drip - our ever-popular classic on materials and their properties.
It was just an ordinary day at the Missing Materials Bureau. Detective T Copper was just closing up shop when a call came through to him…"Some of our materials have gone missing". Who could have perpetrated this evil crime? What's so special about the properties of those materials? And why are there puddles on the carpet? Based on Attainment Target 3 of the National Curriculum for Science, The Big Drip is a quickfire, fast-talking musical comedy. Philip Marlowe meets Guys and Dolls in this light-hearted Film Noir pastiche. Touring the North and South!. .

Journey to the Bottom of the Garden on Living Things and their Habitats. Journey to the Bottom of the Garden is based on the ‘Living things and their habitats’ sections of the science curriculum and explores these topics: For Infants (4-7 yrs) we learn what makes a living thing, look at how living things are suited to their habitats, learn that food, water and exercise are essential for a healthy body, look at the five senses and name parts of the body.
For Juniors (7-11 yrs) we build on this looking at animal classification, how living things have adapted to their habitats, the circulatory system and how it works and look at the human skeleton.

The Miscalculation of Cap'n Halfinch is a brand new numeracy show based on the new curriculum. It's a swashbuckling tale of hidden treasure and mathematical conundrums based on the new maths curriculum and can be booked at three levels, Infants, Lower and Upper Juniors.

It's touring the South, the Midlands and the North this Autumn Term. Click the image for more information about the content of the three levels.

The Writing on the Wall is a new play on composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Written to support the 'writing' sections on 'composition' and 'vocabulary, grammar and punctuation', the play has two versions for either a KS1 or an upper and lower KS2 audience. For KS1 we look at writing and sequencing sentences to form a narrative. We focus on planning a composition, punctuating sentences and expanding written vocabulary.
For KS2 we build on this, looking at different styles of writing and how to create settings, character and plot. We learn how to organise paragraphs, punctuate direct speech and look at the use of conjunctions, pronouns and adverbs.
Touring the North and South.

GOALS! on health and nutrition with a football theme, written to tie-in with this Summer's Women's World Cup. Touring this Summer, Autumn and beyond.

Our focus has been to get more children engaged with and actively involved in taking exercise as well as being aware of what they are eating. 'Goals' will also give them loads of tips and ideas on how to make little changes that will make a big difference!


Classics at your school this Summer! Available from early June, we're delighted to have exclusive rights from Penguin Books to perform our own adaptation of Peter Rabbit and the Tales of Benjamin Bunny. Also touring the UK is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Both these shows are designed to work outdoors but can take place in school halls too. More information and a list of public venues can be found here.