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Not being allowed to hatch her eggs at the farm, foolish Jemima goes in search of a nesting place in the forest, and soon she meets a charming ‘gentleman’ who offers her the perfect nesting place in his wood-shed.

But why is his wood-shed full of feathers and why is he asking her to collect the herbs for roast duck?

 Back at the farm, the Collie-dog, Kep, puts two and two together, but will he be in time to rescue Jemima from her fate? 

Following the success of our adaptation of The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny,  Quantum Theatre turns to another Beatrix Potter classic to bring you a brand new show for summer 2024.

Running time 1hr 15mins including a short interval Suitable for all ages.


Every year, we perform our own adaptations of classic Christmas stories into Primary Schools. 

Michael Whitmore adapts each play directly from the original text, producing faithful re-tellings of much loved Christmas classics and Gideon Escott writes and arranges the music for each show.

In the Autumn Term we are touring The Snow Queen  which can be booked to come into school for a performance.  We always come with a full set, lights, costumes and music to create a truly theatrical and magical experience for all.

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"Now then! We will begin...

When the story is done you shall know a great deal more than you do now"

The Snow Queen

Kay, and his dear friend, Gerda, are devoted to each other but one day a splinter from a demon's mirror lodges in Kay’s heart, turning him cruel and cold – and soon the Snow Queen passes, whisking Kay away to her icy palace in the North Pole.

No one knows what’s happened to him, but the heartbroken Gerda decides she must set out to find him. A long and dangerous journey ensures and she eventually reaches the Snow Queen’s palace.  But can her love save Kay and melt his cold heart?


find out in Michael Whitmore’s charming adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas classic.





The Snow Queen has been adapted directly from the original book and is a Christmas play rather than Pantomime with a full set, songs, music and projection to create a magical, theatrical experience in your school hall.  

You can opt for a morning or afternoon session, and if you'd like two showings we can either perform a morning and afternoon performance or we can perform back to back shows as long as we have 20 minutes between shows to reset.

Running time:       60 mins

Set up time:          60 mins needed before and about 45 minutes afterwards

Performance area:  5m x5m.  Pupils sit in front in rows, not in the round.

Quantum Theatre is proud to be one of the foremost theatre groups performing in schools in the UK 

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