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The Miscalculation of Cap'n Half-Inch - Exploring 'number', 'place value', the four functions, fractions and decimals.


When young Pip Quarterly happens upon a map that could lead him to hidden pirate treasure he immediately enlists the help of the local Lord of the Manor, Lord Whole-Heartedly, .  But as they set sail on the good ship Hairy Nose, something tells Pip he should not be trusting Cap'n Half-Inch....

Based on the Maths Curriculum The Miscalculation of Cap'n Half-Inch can be booked at three levels for KS1, Lower KS2 or Upper KS2.


Running time: 60 mins for Infants

                       70 mins for both Junior levels


Set up time:   40 mins needed before and after the                            show for get-ins and get-outs. 

Performance area needed:  5m x5m.

KS1 Maths Content

we focus mainly on number and place value, addition and subtraction and the most suitable methods to use, we look at number bonds and we introduce fractions.

Lower KS2 Maths Content

we look at written addition, subtraction and multiplication with a focus on fractions and decimals, equivalent fractions, writing fractions as decimals and solving fraction and decimal problems.

Upper KS2 Maths Content

 we build on the above and add long multiplication and division methods, we look at simplifying fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals, converting between fractions, decimals and percentages



The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

When the magical inventor Dr Drosselmeyer brings the Stahlbaum family a Christmas present,  Marie is captivated by the little Nutcracker... 


After everyone has gone to bed she creeps downstairs to see him. But with the chiming of the grandfather clock strange things begin to happen…Marie is terrified as mice pour up from beneath the floorboards and the dolls in the cabinet spring to life and begin to move.  What is she to do?


Suddenly the Nutcracker appears and leads the battle… But can he win through? Will he defeat the Mouse King? And how will the evil curse on the Nutcracker be broken?

Join us in Michael Whitmore's charming new adaptation of the adventures of Marie and her Nutcracker as they fight to become Prince and Princess of the Land of Sweets...

Suitable for the whole Primary age range

Running time 1 hour

"Oh, father, dear father, you cannot think where the Nutcracker led me last night, and what beautiful things I have seen!..."


The Snow Queen

When Gerda’s dearest friend Kay is taken by the Snow Queen no one knows what’s become of him, but the heart-broken Gerda decides she must set out to find him...


A long and dangerous journey ensues, as Gerda battles a sorceress, is captured by robbers, meets a prince and princess, enlists the help of a friendly crow and reindeer and finally reaches the Snow Queen’s icy palace in the North Pole.


But is she too late to break the spell and melt Kay’s frozen heart?  

Michael Whitmore's touching adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale is a heart-warming tale of love conquering all'.

Suitable for the whole Primary age range

Running time 1 hr 15 mins

"Now then, we will begin.... When the story is done, you shall know a great deal more than you do now..."



Journey to the Bottom of the Garden- Exploring the topic of  'Living Things and their Habitats' 

‘Shrinking to the size of a small ant the Professor and his plucky niece Bobby embark on a hair raising adventure to find a strange and magical plant at the bottom of the garden, but will the giant spider get him first and why has SIr Jasper Qeerfish come along for the ride?

Journey to the Bottom of the Garden is based on the ‘Living things and their habitats’ sections of the science curriculum.

Running time: 60 mins for Infants

                       70 mins for Juniors

Set up time:   40 mins needed before and after the                            show for get-ins and get-outs. 

Performance area needed:  5m x5m.

KS1 Content

We  explore what makes a living thing and why animals live in certain habitats, grouping animals according to observable features, our five senses, classifying plants and animals using a key and how a plant grows.

KS2 Content

We look at the four life processes, how animals and plants have adapted to their habitats, food chains and food webs, producers and consumers, vertebrates and invertebrates, classifying animals and using a key, naming oplant parts and plant reproduction.

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