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Beatrix Potter's ever popular  rascally rabbit is brought to life in Michael Whitmore's delightful new adaptation. 

Naughty Peter knows he is not allowed to go anywhere near Mr McGregor's garden, but he cannot resist and soon finds himself in all sorts of trouble!

Will he get away in one piece, and has he learned his lesson, or will his headstrong cousin Benjamin persuade him to go back just one more time...?

Join them on their hair-raising adventures in our charming new show.


Running time 1hr 20mins including a short interval Suitable for all ages.

Dragon poster no box lite lite.jpg

When a boy finds a dragon up on the Downs he’s not in the least surprised. But this dragon is not a bit like the ones in fairy tales - this one writes poetry and doesn’t like fighting!


So when St George is summoned by the towns folk, and everyone expects a fight, can the boy save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him as he is….?


Find out in Quantum Theatre’s enchanting adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s, touching, tale of bravery, friendship and derring-do.

Running time 1hr 20mins including a short interval Suitable for all ages.


Every year, we perform our own adaptations of classic Christmas stories into Primary Schools. 

Michael Whitmore adapts each play directly from the original text, producing faithful re-tellings of much loved Christmas classics and Gideon Escott writes and arranges the music for each show.

in the Autumn Term we are touring The Snow Queen  and our new playlet based on the famous poem A Visit from St Nicholas, better known as The Night Before Christmas, and both titles can be booked to come into school.  We always come with a full set, lights, costumes and music to create a truly theatrical and magical experience for all.

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The Snow Queen

Kay, and his dear friend, Gerda, are devoted to each other. Kay’s Grandmother tells them both about an evil mirror that won’t reflect the good and beautiful in people, but magnifies all that’s bad and ugly and about the cold hearted Snow Queen who lures children away to her Palace in the North Pole.

One summer’s day a splinter from the mirror lodges in Kay’s heart and he changes, becoming cruel and cold – and later that year, when winter comes, the Snow Queen appears and whisks Kay away to her icy palace.

No one knows what’s happened to him, but the heartbroken Gerda decides she must set out to find him. A long and dangerous journey ensures until she eventually reaches the Snow Queen’s palace....


Michael Whitmore’s  enchanting adaptation conjures up a captivating mix of fantasy, music and love triumphing over evil in Hans Christian Andersen’s ever popular  Christmas classic.



"Now then! We will begin...

When the story is done you shall know a great deal more than you do now"



The Snow Queen has been adapted to bring out the magic and excitement of Hans Christian Andersen's book and also incorporates much of the original text.  Schools would be expected to have one show in a morning or an afternoon. Two shows in a day is fine - usually am & pm but back to back is fine as long as actors have a good 20 minutes to reset.

Running time:       65 mins

Set up time:          60 mins needed before and about 45 minutes afterwards

Performance area:  5m x5m.  Pupils sit in front in rows, not in the round.

We are committed to performing in a COVID secure fashion to keep everyone safe and have developed a COVID19 protocol that will be followed by our performers on every visit.  Please click here for details.

Night before Christmas A5 shape.jpg

The Night Before Christmas


It's the night before Christmas and all is quiet and peaceful in the house. 


But just as the children are dreaming happily of all the presents they will be getting on Christmas Day, their father suddenly hears a strange clatter on the lawn outside. 


Leaping out of bed to the window he is amazed to see it's none other than St. Nicholas himself, along with his eight reindeer, come to fill the family's stockings with Christmas gifts.

This charming tale of a chance encounter with St Nicholas brings some much needed Christmas cheer to one and all in the festive period.

Based on the Charles Clement Moore poem, A Visit from St Nicholas Michael Whitmore's brand new adaptation presents this classic text in a magical new playlet for all ages.


"Twas the night before Christmas

When all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse..."


The play has been adapted directly from the poem and incorporates all the original text.  It has been developed into a short playlet to enable schools to have multiple showings in a morning or afternoon session so that each class bubble can have a separate performance.  We would expect to perform up to 4 times in a morning and up to 3 times in an afternoon depending on the length of the school day.


Running time:       25 mins


Set up time:          40 mins needed before the first showing and after the final showing for get-ins and get-outs.                                           Reset time between each show will be 5mins

Performance area:  5m x5m. 


We come with set, costumes, sound and lights to create a truly magical experience and would expect to set up in your school hall in order to minimise the contact between our team and the staff and students.  We can however set up in any suitable space you might have on the premises.  We will set up at one end with the children sitting in rows facing the performance space and ask that the front row be 2m or more from the performance area to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

We are committed to performing in a COVID secure fashion to keep everyone safe and have developed a COVID19 protocol that will be followed by our performers on every visit.  Please click here for details.


Quantum Theatre is proud to be one of the foremost theatre groups performing in schools in the UK