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COVID19 Protocol

At Quantum Theatre we understand the risk of unintentionally passing on Coronavirus whilst visiting a school so we are putting the following steps in place...


When we arrive all company members will sanitise their hands before entering the building and will wear a mask to speak to reception.


While being shown the performance space we will maintain a 2m social distance from the school representative at all times including unloading the van and ask to be left on our own to set up.  We ask that no one form the school touches any of our equipment or staging.

When arranging your performance area please ensure there is a 2m distance between the front row of the audience and our performance space.  A 2m distance from members of the audience will be maintained at all times, including outdoor performances, during the show.


 All staging and equipment will be cleaned/ sanitised between schools, to avoid the risk of contamination as far as is possible.


Whether we are indoors or outside we would ask that the school inform us of and adhere to the current school protocol on social distancing between pupils and we expect each school to liaise with us prior to performance to keep us informed of what is required in order for us to plan ahead for the performance


While our van is on your property, we would ask that no staff or pupils enter any part of the vehicle or touch any part of the the vehicle that might carry the virus (eg door handles).

We will be constantly updating this protocol according to the latest government guidelines and we hope that this will ensure a safe and worry-free visit for all schools we perform at.

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